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      I have noticed that my Bavaria 30 yacht has a slight list to starboard when stationary i.e. marina no wind. Having looked at a couple of others and they appear to be the same.

      Diesel tank (full), holding tank (empty), heavy batteries, cockpit locker and head are all on the starboard side with only the fresh water tank (empty) and galley on the port side. Bilges all dry. Filling the fresh water tank improves things a bit, but there is still a noticeable list.
      Any clues what might cause this and any suggestion for correcting it? I have thought about ballasting the port side by loading some spare anchor chain in the saloon settee locker.
      I have also noticed that the the boats I have looked at all sit slightly stern low (mine included), at least according to the boot top.

      I think this topic was discussed earlier, but I can’t find it.


        Our B39 is exactly the same – list to starboard and down at stern. As it’s increasingly loaded with cruising stuff the stern is now several inches lower than the bow.
        As far as i can see it’s something we have to live with.



          Hi John,
          It seems as though it is fairly common and just accepted! I can live with it, it simply came back to the surface today when the marina manager asked me if I knew my boat had a list.
          I presume you don’t bother to ballast the worst of out?


            Looking on the bright side (if there is one…)

            At least this means that there is a little weight offset when you are on starboard tack – saves putting the Mrs “up on the rail”!


              My Bavaria 34 has a list to starboard and sits low at the stern. I did a post on this subject some time ago but got very little response. I thought it may have been that the original design had two aft cabins and the heads on the porthand just ahead of the keel. As mine is the single aft cabin there is a lot of extra weight to starboard. We have a second water tank in the bow and find that keeping it full helps the for/aft balance even though its not supposed to be a good idea to have weight in the ends. The boat does not slam as much going to windward. The performance on starboard tack is better than on port but the difference is not worth worrying about. The only downside for me is having to clean off the hull above the antifoul on the starboard side below the boot line.


                I had the same problem on my B30. Sorted it by carefully placing 8 20kg bags of lead pellets, low down in the hull. Not ideal but sorted the list which was annoying. Also much better sailing on a port tack.


                  Hi All, i had the same problem on Nornie Lees Bav30 when i bought her a year ago, alls now sorted (without Ballast). Remember fuel/water tanks are not same capasity, nor are the liquids the same weight per ltr. I moved every thing out of the cockpit locker onto the pontoon, and removed the outboard from the yacht. All heavy items like books etc were then placed in the port cuboards, all other essecial items stored under port side cabin seats. I then managed to add things back slowly into the cockpit locker. Remember tool kits etc are extreemly heavy and need to be thought about. When i finished the yacht was upright, and about 100kgs lighter, (so much crap left on the pontoon). I did also move the outboard onto the port side.

                  Stock the fridge up with beer cans, this helps too!

                  What a dream yacht to sail,

                  good luck Ray

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