I’d get a quote from Kemp Sails in Poole.
    I had a new main and genoa in June on a 34 and am very pleased with them at reasonable cost. Cheaper than Elvstrom, Hyde and Jeckells.
    Better quality and easier adjustment on the full length batten cars and they can provide a tri radial genoa in Dimension Polyant Square fabric so you get the benefits of a tri radial without the expense of going to a laminate sail. Personally I would not drop down a size on the genoa as the foam luff allows for easy reefing with minimal loss of sail shape and performance.
    They set beautifully but a new main will look a lot flatter than the original Elvstrom when you bend it on.
    Ring Rob Kemp or Matt Atkins on 01929 554308.
    No connection with Kemp sails but had a few sails off them now and always had fantastic service.