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      I am considering replacing the (original) sails on our 2003 B32. We have the Elvstrom cruising main and genoa. As we have a cruising chute I am considering a slightly smaller genoa to ease winch loads. I would like to keep a loose footed main to fit the existing main stack – but might consider better mast slides than the ones we have now.
      My preference would be for a triradial cut genoa – and possibly a ‘better’ cut for the main. It certainly needs to be flatter than our stretched old sail!
      Does anyone have any recommendations / experiences from their sail replacement they can share?
      Many Thanks
      PS – Still looking for info on how the wheel brake mechanism works…


        Hi Nigel,

        We have a bav34 from 2002. As we used to race an Impala we were never very happy with the original Elstrom sails and struggled to sail at 30 deg apparent. We used Mouse sails from Holeyhead Anglesey to make our new main and genoa. For the main we asked for a flatter cut than the original and longer battens, but not full battens as we wanted to retain our ability to spill wind from the top of the main in a blow. We ordered a good quality Dacron and it sets very well and we are sailing much closer to the wind.
        For the genoa we reduced the size to 120% and mouse have a very good way of providing a soft luff to maintain a good shape even when furled quite small. This consists of a series of rectangular flat sections of foam sewn into pockets which get shorter as they progress from the luff. We are very happy with the result and you would not believe that you were sailing the same boat. Not sure that a radial cut is a good idea if you are using a furler, but Mouse would advise.
        The price will be better than you will find on the South Coast and this will not compromise the quality and detail finish. I have no connection with Mouse but they have always given me what I have asked for.


          I’d get a quote from Kemp Sails in Poole.
          I had a new main and genoa in June on a 34 and am very pleased with them at reasonable cost. Cheaper than Elvstrom, Hyde and Jeckells.
          Better quality and easier adjustment on the full length batten cars and they can provide a tri radial genoa in Dimension Polyant Square fabric so you get the benefits of a tri radial without the expense of going to a laminate sail. Personally I would not drop down a size on the genoa as the foam luff allows for easy reefing with minimal loss of sail shape and performance.
          They set beautifully but a new main will look a lot flatter than the original Elvstrom when you bend it on.
          Ring Rob Kemp or Matt Atkins on 01929 554308.
          No connection with Kemp sails but had a few sails off them now and always had fantastic service.


          Give Mark Flew of Flew sails a call (based at Wicor in Portsmouth).

          He did some sail repairs for me earlier this year, he makes sails but is also and agent for Hyde, and said that the time to get a cracking deal on new sails is September/October.


            Thanks for your comments – some very good suggestions and ideas to consider.

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