@John Fowler wrote:

    We have a 2006 B39 which is also Coppercoated, & the skin fittings show pink on the outer flange. The holding tank Seacocks have been quite stiff for a while, so I’ve decided to replace the below waterline assemblies when we lift at end June.
    I’ve bought reinforced nylon assemblies, made by TruDesign. About £120 for 2x38mm + 2x19mm assemblies (skin fitting, Seacocks & tail pipe). At that price it seems no brainer to change them.


    Hi John, interesting to note that your holding tank seacocks have been stiff. CaSam is exactly the same. She too has been coppercoated albeit she is only a couple of years old. I wondered if the stiffness was partially due to one of the benefits of coppercoat – the fact that she stays in the water and does not benefit from coming out / drying off and allowing good lubrication and maintenance of the underwater cocks? That said though the engine seacock is as smooth as silk??

    Let us know how you get on with the nylon assemblies – maybe some pics of the installation before and after?

    As for keel joint rusting, I can not really comment with authority, CaSam has only been out for a “spray off” a couple of times and I have dived under for anodes etc. but I have not seen anything YET! understanding “Value Engineering” I guess it will only be time?