I had the bug in my tank and the engine packed up 1/2 an hour out going down a buoyed channel! We then had to do a text book sail out of the channel. What I carry now that never fails is a cheap car inflation pump the ones that do your tyres.

    When and if I get it again if you can drop the anchor or get to sail away from danger (if you can) I then disconnected the main feed pipe from the tank to the fuel filter, then stick the pump with one of the adaptors into the pipe coming from your tank. Put the air pump into a 12v socket, turn it on and it will blow the bug (crap) back into the tank.

    I found that this also broke up the bug large bits into smaller ones for the filter to handle until you get back in. Then I got a good bug treatment to break it all up for the filter to handle. So a small tyre compressor did it for me.

    I always carry one and it is good for unblocking a holding tank (if you have one) by putting the pump into the air breather at the top of the tank, the pressure pushes out all the blockage at the bottom!!