Hi Clarke,

    I would not give up on the Rocna anchor, an alternative might be to build a hinged roller that is forward of the existing roller.
    If it pivots at the existing roller position and can be fixed with a drop pin aft of the existing roller, you could use it for storing and deploying the anchor, then let it hinge down when the anchor chain or a mooring are likely to exert heavy load to the bow roller fitting.
    As an alternative you could strengthen the bow roller mounting as we have done and then extend the bow roller to your hearts content.[attachment=1:34wlfoeq]P4290241.JPG[/attachment:34wlfoeq][attachment=2:34wlfoeq]P4290242.JPG[/attachment:34wlfoeq][attachment=0:34wlfoeq]P4290243.JPG[/attachment:34wlfoeq]