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      My Rocna 15kg anchor tip comes a bit close to the bow of my B30 during the last few feet of raising/lowering. Has anyone extended the bow roller? or do you know of any extension kit?



        We have a B34 and have modified the bow roller, to overcome the weakness in the way in which the bow roller is fixed to the deck. Whilst this may not seem relevent I would recommend that you read my post in Hints and Tips from April 2007 under the heading Bow roller before making any alterations. If you want full details i have photographs of our Modification to strengthen the fixings to a more realistic standard than the original. Any alteration that places the load from the anchor chain or a mooring further forward than the existing position will make the situation worse. We had the deck lifting and flexing at the aft end of the stainless steel bow roller deck fitting in the first season from new.


        Alan Burns.


          Thanks Alan,
          I clearly hadn’t thought it through regarding the additional leverage/load introduced by extending the existing bow roller. The Rocna has a particularly sharp protruding point that I am becoming increasingly aware of. I don’t want to return to the repro CQR (as supplied with the original kit) and wonder if it would be simpler to look at alternative anchors. I will however look at your other post.


            Hi Clarke,

            I would not give up on the Rocna anchor, an alternative might be to build a hinged roller that is forward of the existing roller.
            If it pivots at the existing roller position and can be fixed with a drop pin aft of the existing roller, you could use it for storing and deploying the anchor, then let it hinge down when the anchor chain or a mooring are likely to exert heavy load to the bow roller fitting.
            As an alternative you could strengthen the bow roller mounting as we have done and then extend the bow roller to your hearts content.[attachment=1:34wlfoeq]P4290241.JPG[/attachment:34wlfoeq][attachment=2:34wlfoeq]P4290242.JPG[/attachment:34wlfoeq][attachment=0:34wlfoeq]P4290243.JPG[/attachment:34wlfoeq]


              Because the heavy spade anchor was swinging wildly when it can over the bow roller and sometimes came off, I have constructed a hinged bow roller like the larger bavarias have.
              Without it the tension on the anchor winch is greatly increased just at the point when the first part of the anchor comes over the top beacuse of the leverage.

              Because I did not want to buy a complete bow fitting as Bavaria would like you to do, I manufactured two rollers – I think the front one is larger than the back one. (boats in Greece) Then I got to side plates made. First ones were too weak. However the second set work really well and mostly the anchor turns itself round. There is a pin at the top-front to stop the anchor jumping off. The measurement for this pin on mine should probably fit a Rochna.

              Our boat is a 2002 Bavaria 36.
              Attached (hopefully) is the drawing I sent to the Laser cutters who made it out of Stainless 316 4mm thick. You need two one for each side. The 8mm holes are for the roller axles. the 19mm hole is for the hinge pin which goes in the present bow roller hole. The pointed bit at the back rests on the front of the boat to stop it inverting. Can’t remember the width of the rollers or axles but they were designed to fit in the standard bow fitting.

              Although its a bit “rattley” as the chain goes over it has solved all our problems and moves the anchor 90mm forwards, although the anchor tends to lean downwards a bit so you don’t get the full 90mm.
              Strain on the winch is greatly reduced. Can’t understand why all boats don’t have them.


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