You may have already completed your new installation; however, you may find this handy if you haven’t. I have a 40 Ocean with a TMC Large Bowl electric macerator toilet installed. Here’s a link to one supplier that shows a photo of the toilet, https://www.whitworths.com.au/main_itemdetail.asp?item=89670&search123=toilet&intAbsolutePage=1.

    The hoses, unfortunately, have to route behind the toilet to the right side which looks a bit amateurish; however, I like the larger bowl and the push-button convenience of the macerator. There is insufficient space to rotate the base to the left side to accommodate the 12v macerator motor. The larger bowl is comfortable for a morning read, but the space between the sink cabinet and the wall makes for contorted arm-wrist-finger control during the end game.

    Fair Winds