@Jazzmine wrote:

    @CaSam wrote:

    Sounds great, we will be down on B039
    Hopefully see you when the sun comes out and all of these storms have blown over!


    Hi Steve,

    Lisa here – we have secured ourselves nicely at Haslar on B33 and have found the staff and boat owners to all be very welcming. Unfortunately, the Berth Holders Party the weekend before last, clashed with the Bembridge rally, so we missed that.

    The location of Haslar is fantastic, as we are so close to the Harbour entrance (except when we want to go down the River to Hardway).

    Maybe see you on the pontoon 🙂

    **Update – we are now on A23 as we was about 0.4m short of water on our original berth!! 🙁

    See you soon.