We were planning to install our new 8 person liferaft on the pushpit, but came up against a problem of lack of space. The Bavarias do not have wide pushpits and we have an outboard and 2 lifebuoys, plus a dan buoy, so it would be tight. Having looked at a lot of other yachts of all marques, we are now in favour of mounting the l/r on the cabin top (specifically on the hatch garage), which we think is a neater option. However, when we were having the yacht coded and we indicated that this was a favoured option our surveyor was adamant that the hatch garage MUST be re-inforced. Not a major job to do – one panel to remove below, dismount the mainsheet track, remove the garage and re-inforce either with grp or a combination of marine ply and grp. Then bolt the cradle through the garage. (and the strong points for the quick release and strap).
    Any comments on the above, and chocks or a cradle?

    We still have our 6 man valise for sale! (and perhaps a new unused cradle)