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      I need to get a liferaft for my Bav. 33. Can anyone offer any advice.


        I use an Ocean Safety 4-man mounted on the coachroof of my Bav 32. They’re quite expensive (the liferafts, that is….) but I think it’s worth paying the extra for quality.

        Ian Culley
        Another Fantasy


          thanks Ian. The Ocean Safety Charter 6 man cannister with a solas B is one that I seem to be moving towards. I am thinking of installing on the pushpit in a cradle.


            I am selling my EV 6 man in container as i find it too heavy to handle. I have replaced it with a 4 man on the basis that we sail mostly 2 up and sometimes 4 up. If we ever have 6 on the boat it would be a bit of a squeeze but not impossible. I think that you must compare the weight of 6 man and 4 man and consider how many people will be on your boat most of the time. A 6 man with 2 persons may be unstable, but i am no expert, however its a good question to be asking.
            My EV was last serviced April 2004 and so i am letting it go at a very low price.


              Might be a bit late but we have a Zodiac 6 person valise with solas B pack – serviced 22-04-09
              Reason for sale – we are going for coding and have bought a new 8 person.


              Michael – Bav. 44 “Time Off” (Sparkes Marina – Hayling Island)

              michaelb_harvey@yahoo.co.uk 07740 624100


                Thanks for the replies. I did eventually go for the Ocean Safety 6 man cannister which I fitted horizontally on the Portside pushpit in a cradle using a combination of 2 qty jubilee clips for the top rail and the brackets supplied with the cradle to fix the wooden spacer which I may or may not replace with a plated one at a later date. I’ve used a spacer(approx 50mm to provide clearance for the back stay tensioner. Someone wrote on a blog concern about the strain of approx 43kg on the pushput but the only strain which I have noticed was lifting it into place, but I got someone to assist me so no back strained or dislocated. I went for the 6 man in case we decide to go for coding at a later stage.


                  We were planning to install our new 8 person liferaft on the pushpit, but came up against a problem of lack of space. The Bavarias do not have wide pushpits and we have an outboard and 2 lifebuoys, plus a dan buoy, so it would be tight. Having looked at a lot of other yachts of all marques, we are now in favour of mounting the l/r on the cabin top (specifically on the hatch garage), which we think is a neater option. However, when we were having the yacht coded and we indicated that this was a favoured option our surveyor was adamant that the hatch garage MUST be re-inforced. Not a major job to do – one panel to remove below, dismount the mainsheet track, remove the garage and re-inforce either with grp or a combination of marine ply and grp. Then bolt the cradle through the garage. (and the strong points for the quick release and strap).
                  Any comments on the above, and chocks or a cradle?

                  We still have our 6 man valise for sale! (and perhaps a new unused cradle)


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