Well, Bavaria Spain (Majorca) provided a complete operating arm under warranty with no problems. I noted that they have changed the design of the seal where the piston rod enters the body. It is now a properly engineered seal rather than the flimsy rubber sleeve fitted to the old design.

    I dismantled the old arm and discovered that the dreadful noises came from two completely rusted and disintegrated ball bearings. It appears that the old style seal allowed water to enter the main gearbox. The electric weatherproof sealing of the motor itself was perfect. All the gears are plastic and were also OK. I plan to fit new bearings and thus produce a spare arm.

    The problem with the new arm was that the new seal was initially very stiff and made creaking noises until it was “run in” Liberal application of WD40, Vaseline and Silicone spray helped.

    I noted at the Southhampton Boatshow in UK last month that Bavaria are apparently still using the old style seals on the new 45ft model, odd. The smaller models do not now appear to offer the electric operators any more.

    Attached are photos of the new and old seals. You can also note the spacers that Bavaria fitted, I presume to limit the travel and thus to prevent the “over centre” bending of the arms.