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      I am experiencing a problem with one of the electric bathing platform motors on my Bav 31 2009 model. The motor is making dreadful noises when in operation.

      There are a couple of cross head devices on the side of the motor but I don’t know if these are for travel adjustment?
      I wonder if the two motors have become out of synchronisation or there is something more fundamental. Does anyone know how to dismantle the motor as I can see no obvious way of taking it apart?

      Ron Sykes

      Estepona, Spain


        I have the same boat as you, and to be honest I think the “fundamental problem” is that this is a major design flaw that Bavaria should be developing a fix for. I’ve been meaning to write them about this but haven’t gotten around to it. They must know about the problem though, hence the redesign of the transom (with no motors and better support) for the 2010 B32 model.

        My motors intermittently sound awful as well, and sometimes need some “manual assist” from me pushing/pulling on the transom to get the job done. I know the owners of a B34 here in Vancouver (2008 model) have had similar problems, and I know another B31 owners in eastern Canada who had his hinges bend (so the grid was below horizontal) from the poor engineering of the horizontal struts and tiny triangular tabs that support all the weight of bathers. I also know of another boat (in a charter fleet) that has been converted to an entirely manual operation for the grid (along with better support on either side when the grid is down).

        I’m pretty sure my swim grid will eventually fail, and I suspect I’ll need to convert it to manual operation if Bavaria doesn’t develop a fix. In the meantime I’ve lubricated the struts, made sure I’m the only one who operates the grid (and never run it against resistance at either end of its travel), and added some “strap supports” from the pushpit rails down around the bars and grid that I use when it’s down to lessen the load on the struts and pins.

        Hope this info is helpful, and I’ll be interested to hear if you (or others) have any further thoughts or communication with Bavaria on this. The current design is a real problem particularly given the fact that one can’t totally rely on it to be quick or functional in a MOB situation…

        s/v Battuta
        Vancouver, Canada


          Your response is very interesting. To add the the “poor design”case, you might be interested to know that the Bavaria agent in Valencia Spain, where my new boat was handed over, added two small stainless steel spacer plates to limit the travel of the platform in the down position. This was done by them as part of the commissioning and I was a little surprised to see them doing it, but now I see the reasoning.

          Based on the knowledge of other failures, I will now approach the Spanish Bavaria agent and attempt to get the motor replaced.

          Estepona Spain.


            Hi Ron,

            Interesting to hear about those spacer plates, though I’m not sure I have a clear picture of this in my mind. Can you explain exactly where these are, or upload a photo. I suspect all the dealers know about these problems – the one here (who covers western North America) certainly does…

            Although changing one or both motors will no doubt fix your problem, I fear it will be a temporary fix as it seems issues with this grid design (including outright failure) are inevitable. I’ve noticed that the erratic behavior and sounds seem to come and go, and are worse when it’s colder (in fact when it’s really cold, say below 10C, the motors can sometimes not work at all!).

            I’d love to see Bavaria take responsibility for this and issue a recall and fix (ideally with a fully manual operation, gas struts, and added lateral “lifeline type” support as the new Bavaria 32 has). As I mentioned, I’ve been meaning to write Bavaria about this but I wonder if there is any way to organize a “group outcry” from a number of us experiencing similar problems? Any thoughts on this from you or anyone else who jumps in this conversation?



              Well, Bavaria Spain (Majorca) provided a complete operating arm under warranty with no problems. I noted that they have changed the design of the seal where the piston rod enters the body. It is now a properly engineered seal rather than the flimsy rubber sleeve fitted to the old design.

              I dismantled the old arm and discovered that the dreadful noises came from two completely rusted and disintegrated ball bearings. It appears that the old style seal allowed water to enter the main gearbox. The electric weatherproof sealing of the motor itself was perfect. All the gears are plastic and were also OK. I plan to fit new bearings and thus produce a spare arm.

              The problem with the new arm was that the new seal was initially very stiff and made creaking noises until it was “run in” Liberal application of WD40, Vaseline and Silicone spray helped.

              I noted at the Southhampton Boatshow in UK last month that Bavaria are apparently still using the old style seals on the new 45ft model, odd. The smaller models do not now appear to offer the electric operators any more.

              Attached are photos of the new and old seals. You can also note the spacers that Bavaria fitted, I presume to limit the travel and thus to prevent the “over centre” bending of the arms.



                Thanks Ron – your explanation and photos are very helpful. I know one of the boats here in Vancouver is in the midst of a Bavaria sanctioned modification…perhaps the same as what you experienced. I’ll keep tabs on what happens with that boat and I suspect ours will be next.


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