I don’t think Bavaria exist after they’ve sold a boat….

    …but you will find plenty of opinions on any particular folding prop you might want to choice.

    my recommendation is to find one that can be removed complete and easily at the end of the season. Sadly my 2003 Bav 40 Ocean with a Ropestripper and Max Prop needs complete disassembly/strip at the end of every season with the reverse at the start of the next. this is in order to reach the saildrive anode which goes on first and comes off a depleted last. Also note that on Ocean models the saildrive anodes to fit a ropestripper cost around double of a standard anode unless you modify them yourself.

    Later model boats have a better saildrive anode solutions (split anode rather than ring) but ease of removing your prop is worth taking into account if you don’t want to leave such a nickable item on the boat on the hard over winter. .

    BTW altough being a pain to take off and replace the Max Prop on Filibuster performs really well in both directions and I don’t have ANY problems at all with prop walk