Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your post. I didn’t even think about contacting Bavaria – didn’t think they would reply.

    You are right in that there seems to be a lot of different ways to do this – and the only real test is when its used in anger and the deck stays put… (!!)

    For what its worth, I have decided to get on with fitting the deck reinforcement this week:

    Its going to be a double folding pad-eye on deck with backing plate (8cm x 5cm ish) under the deck attached to 6mm wire & bottle/rigging screw to the bed just where it disappears under bulkhead (large 20x 40cm backing plate here)
    1) Can tension bottle screw so that lift from deck fitting is spread along 3 sides of bulkhead (top & sides) & front part of bed. Bulkhead slots into bed so attaching to bed is stronger (bed sides are glassed to hull) & spreads load across bulkhead
    2) Making up a bracket to accurately match angles to bulkhead is beyond my skills.
    3) I think bottle screw will look ok and if not, I can remove all fittings with nothing visible later on… (no holes in headlining on bulkhead – always a plus!!)

    Forestay will be fitted by local Seldén agent.

    Hope this makes sense – I’ll post pictures when I’m done.. (can I do that here?)

    Would be very interested to hear about your approach: johnfk99@gmail.com

    I’m based in the Med – near Barcelona – where the sun always shines (well usually) and the wind never blows – except when it blows lots .. 😯