I fitted a Quick windlass to my 38 two years ago and it works fine looks similar to the Lewmar pro700 I think it was an 800w motor. it is in the anchor locker and easy to fit by removing the trim panels in the forecabin which gives you access. The decission is either to fit a battery for it under the front bunk or run heavy cable from your existing battery. Check for height as I should have fitted a base plate to raise it up 15mm so the chain run clear to the bow roller.

    Things to ballance are if you fit a new battery you will also have to run charging cable from the engine and any charger you have. If you run cable you don’t. My friend run cable and on ballance that is what I would do next time, easier and less expensive. Ernest Doe the agricultural dealer is a good place to get this.

    Hope this helps, Keith & Carole, Wave Dancer.