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      My Bavaria has a number of 2 pin 12 volt sockets at various locations around the boat. I am not sure if they are fitted as standard. I have looked for suitable plugs that I can use with the sockets, the only ones I can find have “flat” pins when what is required is the round pin type.
      Any idea where I can get these from?


        The sockets are European 230/240 Volt 2 pin sockets. The easiest and cheapest solution is to buy a couple of Travel plug adapters and you will be sorted.
        You can also take them with you if you do a yacht charter in the med!


          OOps, Just re read your post and you say they are 12 volt 2 pin sockets which makes my first reply useless. Are you sure they are 12V? If you don’t have shore power fitted they may still well be on the 240 ring just waiting for the shore power to be fitted and connected up?


            We had a 12v 2-pin socket fitted by Opal on the binnacle as an option and if yours are the same you can get the plugs and sockets at any good chandler. The socket was the type with a waterproof black knurled cap designed for outdoor and indoor use.


              Sorry guys only just come back to the forum, for some reason I didn’t get notification of your replies.
              I have 240volt mains supply to the boat, UK 3 pin sockets have been fitted around the boat. The 2 pin sockets are not connected to the mains and they have some pretty crude wiring which made me assume they were 12 volt, I will have to check that.
              I thought they may have been standard Bavaria sockets but in the absence of lots of people telling me about them I am presuming not.
              There are a few of them the most prominent 2 are 1 by the galley sink and 1 inside the locker above the sink in the heads.


                From the positions that you describe it sounds like they are the original 240v continental 2 pin sockets and someone has fitted 3 pin UK sockets as well.


                  I tend to agree with Vela. I purchased my Bav in Germany and it has 240 volt 2 pin sockets as standard. I use travel adapters but I think it would be safer to convert them to UK 3 pin.




                    Absolutely right, that’s what they are. Issue solved, many thanks. (I am not impressed with the original 240 volt wiring!)


                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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