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      Didn’t get all the water out of the shower head last fall and the freezing cracked the plastic section that attaches to the hose. The head has no manufacure name on it only “Italy”. Does anyone know where a replacement might be secured? Maurice E. Cook


        Hi Maurice,
        In the UK the best place to buy them is Penguin Engineering (http://www.penguineng.com/contactpenguin.html). Call them on 44 23 9246 5607.
        Tell them the model and year of build and they will post you the shower head that you need.
        They are UK post but I’m sure they will post to the States.


          And as my brain works faster than my fingers I meant they are UK based, not UK post!
          Ho Hum, back to the medication.


            Rick, thanks so much. I got no help at all from the Bavaria dealer. Will contact Penguin. Maurice


              We had the same mishap our first winter. We know better now.

              The shower head has metal end pieces, with a plastic handle in the middle; the plastic part had split and squirted water when under pressure (i.e. when the pump ran). The metal part wasn’t affected.

              My fix was to remove the plastic component, then make up some epoxy glue (Araldite), and dribble it into (and around the inside the handle whilst it was still fluid. This re-lined the inner part of the handle with a new waterproof inner-skin

              No more leaks 🙂


                you can get them from force 4, its a stock item

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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