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      Hi to all ,
      about 8 months I am ovner of B 37/2 from 2001 ,now after sail about 600 miles in Croatia I notice , that Vela III is not so fast when I use engine. It is 5 – 6 kn with full gas , I have standart 2- blade propeller . When I contact with Vovo dealer in Poland / I m from Poland – sorry for my english/ , he told me to buy 3- blade folding propeler , maybe somebody has any experiens or knowledge in this mater ?
      Thank you
      Jurek Karasinski
      Vela III


        Hello, I have a Bav 40 with 55HP engine. I have a 3 bladed Volvo Folding Propeller. The econimical speed is 6 – 6.5 knts at 2000 revs. It has a very simple mechanism and is easy to remove and service. The only problem is the annode. It has a 3 part annode on the hub which needs replacing every 8 or 9 months. Some owners claim up to one year. I am not sure if it would be any different in the Med.

        I hope this little piece of information is helpfull

        Regards, John
        Hamble, UK.


          Your english is excellent.
          What size engine do you have?
          Even with the 19hp VP you should get at least 7 knots from your 2 bladed prop flat out (say 2500 rpm).
          Suggest you investigate the problem with your existing set-up before going to the expense of buying a folding prop.


            Thank you John , thank you LazyPelican ,
            I have 29 hp engine , after service – all was ok. My question is , how many knots I gain when I change propeller – when I changed prop in my last boat in Poland / 8 m long , 3 tonn , 16 hp engine , for 3 – blade , I found 3 kn , but I lost 2 kn when Im sailing .It is reason that Im thinking about folding prop.
            Im sorry to disturbe you , but in Croatia we – unfortunatly – so ofen use engine.



              Yachting Monthly did a detailed test on folding and feathering props in May 2009. If you put ‘The Ultimate Propeller Test’ into their search you can download the article.
              Another source of advice is the YBW Forum – suggest you try the PBO section.
              A folding or feathering prop will increase your speed under sail, but will do little under engine alone.
              As said previously if you change from an aluminium prop be prepared to change your anode mid season.

              Good luck,

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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