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      We currently have the usual 3 Raymarine ST instruments across the middle of the black panel on the pedestal of our 2003 Bavaria 36. We want to fit a plotter at the helm, but clearly the 3 existing instruments plus a plotter won’t all fit. One solution is the ‘over panel’ that Hayling GRP can supply, but even then I think only the plotter plus 2 ST instruments will fit. Another solution is to fit an additional pod to the ‘handle bar’ and mount the 3 ST instruments there, freeing up the black panel (or a new one) for a plotter. Does anyone have any experience of either solution?


        dont know if this helps we have a 2006 bavaria 37, bavaria supplied a larger mount all in one which took c80 chart plotter plus 3 instrument below it.it fits over the outside of the pedastel top will take a photo and e-mail over if you want



          Thanks for the reply. You say that Bavaria supplied a larger mount – was this supplied new with the boat, or retro fitted? My understanding is that newer boats such as yours came with a larger, ‘stepped’ panel, which looks a bit like fake carbon fibre, and the whole top half of the pedestal is a different (bigger) grp moulding, but from what you say it does sound like you retro fitted yours? If so, an idea of price, availability and a photo would be very useful!


            I put two raymarine instruments in a NASA pod above the bavaria pod and put the 3rd instrument (wind) by the side of the companionway, leaving the bavaria pod for my plotter..photos available on request.


              One of my pet hates about wheel steering boats is that the interesting instruments are only available for the helm to see.
              Luckily our 2000 37 has wind on the forward bulkhead and we’ll put a tridata next to it.
              Having seen a more recent 36 I’d probably go for an instrument garage above the companionway. With depth/speed/wind you don’t need to play with the buttons that often so they can be out of arms reach from the wheel – obviously the helm could do with seeing them clearly though!


                Thanks for the replies. We have decided to move the 3 ST instruments to a new pod mounted on the ‘handle bar’, and put the C70 in the big space where the 3 instruments are currently. Clipper have supplied a new black panel – except it’s white, as that’s all they can get now, but that’s fine!

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