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      I am writing this after reading the minutes of the October AGM.

      The decline in membership appears to me to be described in quite an off-hand and unconcerned manner. It seems to me that if people don’t want to be in the association then that is a most serious matter. We ought to be having a debate to understand why Bavaria owners do not perceive sufficient value from the association to want to pay £15 a year.

      Could it be that the rallies are in fact not all as well organised and popular as described and that they do not attract and retain members? Or could it be that despite 60-80 hits a day, the website does not offer sufficient content? Or that members perhaps feel that their subscription monies should be used for the association rather than donated to charities?

      So why are people leaving?


        I’ll provide a full response to this posting in my next ‘message from the commodore’ which I hope to have published on the website this weekend.

        Ian Culley, Commodore.


          I have waited a couple of days before responding to this post. Having attended many events in the past and made many friends in the BOA, I feel fairly well qualified to make reasoned comment.
          I do know that the organisers go to a lot of effort to organise the events and, in my experience, they are a lot of fun. Maybe they are not everybodys cup of tea, but the association is always looking for new ideas and new people to come forward and organise things. If you have any ideas for alternative or new events, get in touch with the committee and perhaps offer to help – I know all offers of assistance are much appreciated. As ever, any association or club is only as good as the effort you put into it. In my experience, the events are well organised and great fun – but you need to make the effort to join and get involved. I notice, John, that you did not attend the AGM, nor send your apologies, so it could, perhaps be assumed that you were not interested and had no particular points to make.
          In respect of the web site, I for one think it is well run and very informative. Even though I no longer have a Bavaria I still check the site regularly for updates and tips. I am also aware that it is run by Nick on a spare time, voluntary basis and that, in comparison to web sites of other similar associations, it, in my opinion, ranks amongst the best.
          I can’t really comment on why membership numbers are down, but any association or club has fluctuation of membership. The BOA numbers have been boosted in the past by the automatic membership when purchasing a new boat, so with the decline in new boat sales, coupled with the number of secondhand boats on the market, it is not, perhaps surprising that numbers are down.
          I don’t have any strong views on the donation to charity of some of the funds. I have, in the past been asked for ideas on how the cash balance could be spent and have made one or two suggestions. If the Association is substantially in the black, I think it’s quite a nice idea to donate some money to those less fortunate. If you have any thoughts on how the funds might be used, I’m sure the committee would the pleased to hear.
          I guess what I’m trying to say is OK, the BOA may not be run quite as everbody would wish, but the way to change things, if that’s what you want, is to go along to events and get involved.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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