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      I was surprised to find serious corrosion of the aluminium 2 blade prop on my 2007 Bavaria 37. This despite me also fitting an additional hull anode connected to the engine. Also an isolator to the 240V supply cable.

      Anybody had a similar problem and found a solution. I have an Ambassador stripper fitted. Does this interfere with the electical conductivity?

      Dont forget that on sail drives there must never be a connection between the engine and leg or you will get massive corrosion of the engine. The engine to gearbox plate seems to be plastic and I assume all the bolts go into plastic but there must be a metal connection from the crank to gearbox ??


        achilles/ipswich we had same problem volspec checked the electical connection between saildrive and engine and found the plastic washers had been damaged and replaced them
        this was done by bavaria as a recall it would be advised to have it checked as there was a problem also have ambassador rope stripper dont think thats the problem have always had some corrosion on my prop end of season there is a product on the market that fills alli props and builds them up.you can file it down when hard its a bit like super glue and a powder hardens in mins
        john and angela


          On Implacable our Bav35H we had a prop that lasted 4 seasons with a couple of blast and re epoxy sessions (£25). Then one corroded badly in less than a season and RK Marine replaced it under warranty.
          Don’t know if their are bad batches of Ally props?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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