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      On a test cruise with a 2005 Bavaria 30 we intend to charter, I had the following problem when getting the anchor in:

        the anchor chain piles up in the anchor chain locker on the aft surface
        after about 5-10 m, the piled up chain exits the hole in the deck and the windlass cannot work properly
        to continue windig up the anchor, someone has to open the locker ans re-arrange the chain
        this results in an interruption while taking the anchor in which is not what you want if there is some wind blowing

      I expect the chain to pile up completely (like a pyramid) in the locker and consider the behaviour on the boat a design mistake.

      Do you know a countermeasure against this behaviour?


        Is the chain running freely, i.e. clean and rust free?
        Is it able to fall under its own weight?


          Yes, the chain is clean and falls freely down to the anchor locker.
          The problem is in there: it piles up on the aft surface which is somewhat inclined instead of just vertical.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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