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      just had new bav 37 delivered and noticed anchor did’nt have locking pin when i asked why not they said it didnt look right so apart from lashing it down in heavy weather what is to stop it going over the side any suggestions doesnt seam right to let the anchor windlass take the strain


        Seems a little odd?

        Our B36 is 4 years old and has an anchor pin, I thought most boats did!!

        I agree with you that it should have one, perhaps press the point further with them?



          ”Doesn’t look right”?? What rubbish. Has the anchor got a hole where you would expect a pin to go? Our 34 has and the pin is essential.

          Some friends of ours forgot to lock theirs on their Bav 30, the whole anchor ran out, the rope caught the saildrive and killed the engine. Then they were anchored to the sea bed!!

          This was just off The Owers …. not a place where you want that sort of trouble.

          Go get!


            You are quite right – it dosen,t have one. At least my new 37 hasn’t one anyway and that caused a problem in heavy weather when it jumped off the bow roller. It’s been lashed since. However I intend to drill and hole right through and pin. I had to do the same with my previous 34. It’s tough drilling but worthe it in the end.


              Doesn’t drilling the shaft weaken it a lot?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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