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      I have found that when fitting the forward bulk head Bavaria have contrived to glass over the rear two holding down bolts of the anchor winch making it impossible to get at the nuts. To compound matters I cannot dismantle the winch
      in-situ as the small screw holding the chain cleaning plate on the winch has corroded in. I cannot drill this out due to the distance from the winch to the side of the anchor locker. I’m reluctant to start drilling using a right angled chuck into a threaded hole in a casting. My only solution is to start to cut away the bulk head from within the front cabin. Pretty brutal stuff. I find it impossible to work at chiselling away the offending fibreglass as the space is to restrictive.

      Has anyone had a similar experience? Has anyone a smarter way forward?

      John Heggie


        John. What boat is yours? Have you got any photos? Are you sure that there are nuts on the bolts? Bavaria are tending to use a threaded plate glassed in rather than nuts and bolts as this quicker in production.

        Best regards



          Hi, I have the same problem, shocking craftsmanship/design and generally reflective of Bavaria, don’t give me German Engineering. Having got that of my chest, if you have a local Toolstation or similar you can buy a right angled chuck for a drill. You will also need stub drills. It is not easy. I had one chain stripping bolt seized the other came loose eventually. When drilling out I created a bit of a mess of the bolt and surrounding metal. If I had to drill out both I was going to have to re-drill and tap.
          Behind the front cabin bulkhead decorative panel there is a hidden solid wooden bulk head. As a last resort I was going to cut a hatch in this bullhead and then reinforce it by stainless steel bracing. When the decorative panel is back in place it will all be hidden.


            My windlass packed up when most needed in Osborne bay this year and I had to bring the chain in by hand. As the windlass was original with the boat in 2006 I thought I would buy a new one and fit it as Lewmar told me the footprint is the same. I thought I would take the old one off first and glad I did because I had the same problem with the aft bolts glassed in so couldn’t get it off. Can’t get to them from the anchor locker and can’t get to them from the forward cabin. In the end stripped the existing one right down, bought some replacement parts for offending items and put it back together.

            Works great now but I know it will have to be replaced eventually, just hope my handiwork means it won’t be for a long time!

            Pretty poor engineering from Bavaria, all fittings should be easy to service and replace, eventually Lewmar won’t support my vintage of windlass which is understandable. They have, in their wisdom, addressed this by making the new one a simple retrofit with the the same footprint, shame Bavaria didn’t plan for this too.


              Thanks everyone. Now on my wish / to do list for my 2003 bav 32.

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