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      I purchased the standard plough anchor when I bought my B42 and have found it difficult to set and it also can drag. I am tempted by the Rocna 25 which was at the LBS. Has anyone any experience of these? Does it fit on the bow roller OK? Excellent reviews in the mags.


        We have a 35lb CQR as our main anchor and thos works extremely well. apart from in heavy weed sea beds where we use a conventional fishermans anchor.


          I’m glad it’s not only me that has problems getting the Bavaria supplied plough to set.

          This is my first CQR type and it seems a pain.


            I too find the plough anchor supplied with my 37 worse than useless to set and am also impressed with what I read about the Rocna. The Rocna would also allow me to fly my cruising shute from the rounded top forward of the pulpit.


              I avoided the bavaria supplied anchor option, and got my own Hydrobubble anchor, which has worked very well so far, aspecially for such a light anchor (16 pounds).


                We also rejected the Bavaria option and have a 16kg Delta which has been excellent and fits the bow roller on a new 37 OK. Delta’s still get the best reviews and feedback from others suggest they are about the best all round.

                Dave Targett


                  We also threw the Bavaria CQR away and bought a Delta. It’s a superb anchor, and sets first time in all the places on the East Coast where the CQR wouldn’t.




                    What boat do you have Moonbeam and did you have to make any mods to the roller/locker to take the Delta?



                      Moonbeam is a B32. No mods were needed, except I drilled a hole in the anchor shank to take the lock pin. You don’t really need to do this, as I notice the newer Bavarias do not have a lock pin, but rely on securing the anchor with a piece of string. Our Delta is a 10kg.


                        Thanks very much Moonbeam.

                        The reason for my Q was that I am pretty sure that the genuine CQR’s do not fit.




                          We had similar story with the “CQR” supplied on our B46 so we have relegated it to kedge status for the time being. You might even see it on eBay soon.

                          In its place we bought a 25kg German Bugel anchor and used it to great effect last summer. We are Med based and we had a very windy time in Sardinia last August. The Bugel did the business though and despite us having a four day Mistral with winds not going below 25kn any time (sometimes it went to 40kn) it did the business. We used to swim down and inspect it regularly and could tell if it was being jerked loose etc.

                          We got to seriously trust our Bugel and I wouldn’t go beyond it now.

                          Unfortunately it doesn’t fit as well as the CQR in the bow fitting but its okay with a tie down.


                            I know there are many articles written about anchors but I have found one on the web that compares several types including the Bugel. For those interested it is http://www.bluewatersupplies.com/new_gen_anchors.htm

                            Regards, John


                              Thanks for all the comments. We have just bought a 20kg Delta for our 42 and are very pleased so far. It fits fine on the bow roller but has to be tied down. We are in Croatia with winds to match and it sets very quickly and has held well for the threee weeks we have had it.

                              Lady Olivia

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