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      I have a wheel mounted autohelm on my Bavaria 36 which for the past four years has been fine except for this year when it has decided to dis-engage when in use. You can see the leaver moving to the off position as the wheel works. No doubt it is adjustment but before I have a go at that, has anyone else had this problem and is it more tension or less needed?

      Keith & Carole Wave Dancer


        Bavaria 36 2002

        Ours used to jump out of gear. It was caused because the lever became loose and the only thing that keeps it engaged is a plastic bump fitting into the back of the lever.

        Until I could do anything about it we found that one of my wife’s hair toggles wrapped around a bar and hooked onto the end of the lever solved it!!

        I don’t think tightening up the belt mechanism will have any effect on the lever jumping out of gear.



          Many thanks for that Serendipity, looks like I will have to take it apart and have a look.

          Keith Carole, Wave Dancer.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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