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      I am going to fit a rayarine autopilot to my Bav39. Has anyone any done this? I am most interested in how to mount the linear drive.


        I thoroughly recommend the 6000 series. I have had one on Playtime since new and would not want to sail without it – it’s like an extra crew, especially when sailing two up as we do most of the time now.

        My set up uses a motor drive installed at the base of the steering pedestal. This drives a chain to a second sprocket on the wheel shaft (on a 38 Ocean with centre cockpit and cable steering). I don’t know if this would be suitable for a 39 but it looks pretty straightforward to install.

        Good luck


          Yes, I fitted the S1 autopilot over winter for this season onto my B37. Well done to Opal for providing the studs on the cross-members for it to drop onto – saved me a big headache! Have you looked where to fit the rudder sensor yet? Of all the tasks to fit the autopilot that was by far the most difficult.


            I am a bit confused now. On the boat I test sailed before buying mine, the autopilot used a linear drive onto the quadrant on the rudder. But it seems that I should be using a rotary drive onto the wheel. The sterring gear is by Lewmar, on their website they say they have a specific rotary drive for the B37 and B39 but have no more info. What kind of drive did you fit? I cant see any studs to mount the drive to, where abouts were they on your boat?

            In the manual that came with the boat it describes a wire/pully stearing system, but my boat if fitted with a rack and pinion and solid rods. Im nervous that I will end up with the wrong drive. I’ve tried opal but they never call me back when they promise.

            I havent looked at mounting the rudder sensor yet, guess that will be the next problem.

            Thanks for the help.


              If you have rack and pinion steering with solid rods then I would guess that a linear drive onto the quadrant would be the right choice.

              Some years ago I had a Moody with a linear drive direct to the quadrant and it saved the day when a swage on the steering cables let go and the wheel spun freely in my hands! This was 30 miles south of Bishops Rock. The emergency tiller connected to the rudder shaft in the aft cabin and you had to stand on the bunk looking through the hatch with the tiller between your knees – hopeless in a seaway. We steered 40 miles to Falmouth and even berthed using the autopilot. A rotary drive would not have helped in that situation.

              What you really need is a good look at a professional installation on a 39 to see how it’s done.

              I’m afraid I can’t help any further.

              Good luck


                Hope I’m not to late to add my input.
                I have a linear drive model 6000 on Tanami-B34.
                Works just great as mentioned in the earlier posts.
                There is an arm bolted on the rudder shaft and the drive has been mounted to the starboard side in the cavity behind the fuel tank. A floor of marineply was fibreglassed to the hull to mount the linear drive.
                The steering sensor was mounted on another little bracket mounted on the other side of the steering quadrant behind the quarterberth.

                I could take a couple of photos if you are interested

                This leads to the queswtion of where to mount the fluxgate compass. Mine is mounted under the rubbish bin in the middle of the door way. It gets in the way when putting stuff in that locker. Has anyone got any suggestion where else to locate the fluxgate compass.

                Greg – Tanami B34


                  Thanks Greg, thats exactly what I have done thanks. I will post pictures of my solution.

                  Thanks for everyones help.



                    You can use Raymarine S1, S2 or S3. Gyro or not gyro.
                    But best choise for drive is Lewmar.

                    It is directly to made that pedestal which is used B30 – B39.
                    prod code: 89300111

                    Easy to install. (Only 4pc 8mm nuts)




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