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      Anyone know what this valve is and is there a ‘best’ setting ?



        I think it’s the pressure relief valve. There is no proper setting AFAIK – it just sits there and opens in the unlikely event that the pressure in the system becomes too high.



          I guessed as much Roger, I had hoped it was a temperature mixer/control valve.


            A mixer valve would look something like this Cleghorn Waring one that I fitted a few years ago (there is a link to their site in an old thread if you are interested). It has connections to both the hot and cold feeds (bottom and right). The warm water flows to the taps from the left and the knob on the top controls the output temperature. It works well and only costs just over £20 plus a couple of other fittings to plumb it in.

            You can just see the pressure relief valve on Playtime at the bottom of the picture.

            [attachment=0:1hz6xtwy]Mixer Valve.PNG[/attachment:1hz6xtwy]


              Hi, just spent yesterday adjusting the temp of our hot water termastat on bavaria30 i bought a few month ago, the temp was almost boiling, unplug the power,remove the plastic cover on the top (pipe end) turn the red slotted adjuster clockwise fully, turn turn back about 25% of the total moverment and this should give you a temp just hot enough to dip your finger in and do the washing up!

              If you leave it too hot then the plastic push fitting for the hotwater system tend to leak after a few yeaRS, the rubber O rings perrish MAX TEMP 65C is the design temp for plastic push fitting, so make sure your well below that.(mine had been set at max temp) boiling water almost.

              The red pressure relief valve is just that.

              have fun

              Nornie lees


                There are two problems with using the immersion heater thermostat to control the water temperature in the system.

                Firstly, it reduces the total volume of warm water that the system can provide (without a suitable reheat time).

                Secondly, it does not affect the temperature of the engine generated hot water, which can be 85 degrees plus (i.e. scalding) after prolonged motoring.

                IMHO it is worth spending the £20 plus a couple of hours fitting time for a mixer valve. I believe these are now standard on the latest Bavaria models.

                I agree that scalding water from the calorifier is bad for the plastic fittings and (very) bad for anyone who gets their hands in it!



                  Thanks guys. I’ll follow your advice.


                    The mixer valve is indeed fitted to the later boats, but mine sure as hell needed adjusting!
                    “Max” seems to be the factory default?


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