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      The black water waste holding tank on my Bav30 has had the electrical level sensor wire disconnected at the top of the tank. When I reconnect it, it lights up red on the electrics panel suggesting the tank is full. (it is in fact empty). The marina manager says he believes this to be a common fault.
      Anyone else had/have this problem and know of a solution? It would be nice to know when the tank is actually full!




        We had the same problem on our B42, the fix was easy but depends upon the strength of your constitution……..

        I emptied the tank, openned the access bung and cleaned the probes with a brush, finally wiping them clean with a handful of kitchen roll. Not had the problem since.

        Best of luck…….



          Thanks for that Paul, I think! When can you come round and do the job for me ?

          Don’t worry. I know your response!


            Yup, this is a common problem for sure. I know the other Bavaria 31 owner out here, like me, has had this problem and both of us have resorted to disconnecting the sensor leads.

            I may muster up the courage to remove the sensor and clean it this winter, but you need to be really careful that you don’t lose the internal nut down into the tank (which I know the other fellow did, causing him more struggles). These sensors not very high quality, and I’m thinking of upgrading to an external sensor system (or a pressure pump system) on both the water and holding tank. Below are some more specific suggestions that were provided to me by my local service manager.

            Good luck!

            s/v Battuta (B31)
            Vancouver, Canada

            The first thing to do with the sensor is to try cleaning it. Put some Zyme Out or similar enzyme treatment in the tank and fill it up, leave it sit and perferably go out sailing so it gets some motion to it, then flush the tank and repeat. This may take care of the problem. Other wise you can remove the sensor, just be sure not to loose the nut on the inside, and clean it up in a bucket.


              Thanks guys, looks like I’m in for an unpleasant job either way.
              Seasonal good wishes to you.


                That’s one of the more pleasant jobs you have to undertake with having a holding tank on a Bavaria.
                Just wait until the gravity fed waste pipe blocks, as they all invariably do at some stage.
                If your waste pipe goes through a seacock that is on a 90 degree elbow then what fun you may have in store at some future date.
                If it does ever block up let me know and I can let you know many ways of trying to unblock it, unfortunately the only successful way turned out to be the very messy way!


                  Thank you one and all. I’ll now file this away for future reference – I hope not!


                    LOL, Sounds like a job for a trained “diver” and a suitable probe… well worth the £50!!

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