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      Hi All
      My 2003 B32 has a charger in the shore power system with outputs for 2 batteries – but only the circuit for the starter battery is connected. Although I do not use shore power often, it would be better not to have to worry about electricity consumption while ‘hooked up’ – this is supposed to be the point!
      Was this just an economy when the system was installed – or is there a reason why the service battery is not connected to the charger?

      Many Thanks
      Nigel Skinner

      ps – will be fitting a wind generator this winter – which will only be hooked into the service battery. Will let you know how it goes…


        My 2003 (32) is wired direct to the service battery which to me is the correct layout. Previous owner has wired a switchable feed to the starter battery. I now want to make the service switchable so as to have control over the winter when I have mains heaters in circuit. ( charger is on 100% even with battery swich off)


          Similar problem with my Bav34 (2002). Domestic battery linked to shore power but the starter battery is not. There is a second feed available on the charger.

          Both batteries are charged by the alternator and both are linked to voltage displays on the panel.

          is it just a matter of connecting up the second feed or is there some other circuitry involved that would make this an unwise thing to do?



            All my previous owner had done was to take a switched feed straight to the poss and neg terminals of the starter battrey from the second terminal of the “Quick ” charger. There is only a low amp cable but no problem as only a few amps feed through to top up the starter battery. I have now fitted a Merlin battery monitor and next job is to put an in line switch to the battery charger.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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