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      I have found my 4 yr old B32 had a loose rudder when hoisted out this year. The single nut holding the rudder in place had worked itself loose.
      There is no locking nut, just a small screw which doesnt work.
      Anyone else experienced this? 😈


        Funny you should post this. I changed my rudder bearings last year and as a matter of course check the nut each time I get back from a sail. Last week when I got back it was loose. I haven’t had time to look into the reason. I’ll let you know what I find next time I’m down on the boat.




          Hi Jim,
          a friend has stated that it may be the multiple adjustments made by the auto helm on long trips.
          The screw is not making a firm contact with the plate to stop it rotating.




            Yes, had exactly the same problem. Heard a clunking noise last season and on lifting the boat found that the rudder had dropped over an inch and was hanging more or less loose. Quite frightening, and the top ‘nut’ (actually round) had completely detached. All back together again, but will need to check the locking grub screw after each sail.

            Certainly has lessened my confidence in the boat, and I will need to explore ways of effecting a permanent cure.


              Whilst I have never had the locking nut come loose, I have found the need to tighten it slightly to take out a little wear after a couple of years. The locking nut/washer works because it has a horizontal slot cut in it about 50% of the way through the section. The grub screw simply squeezes the two halves together, locking up on the threads of the rudder shaft. The phillips grub screw is difficult to get tight enough, but if you get a large phillips screwdriver with a square shaft which takes a small spanner, it helps. Push down hard whilst tightening with the spanner.

              Alternatively, you can do what I have done and replace the grub screw with a M6 bolt. It’s not ideal because the hole is countersunk, but it goes down tight and the locking nut doesn’t move.



            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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