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      Does anyone know where I can source 12v contact breakers as used on the control panel of my 1999 B36. There is one beside each switch with a red pop out button and the bilge pump breaker (10A) has tripped. They seem to be un-repairable.


        Hi, if your control panel is made by Philippi then they can be ordered from Germany. The web site is http://www.philippi-online.de. They seemed yo have made a lot for Bavaria but their name is not always obvious on the panel. Contact Andreas Vogt. He sent me two earlier this year. Regards, John.


          Many thanks Loblolly, Philippi came up trumps. Peter


            Hi! I had the same problem and Andreas Vogt replied promptly, unfortunately the panels for a B39 are not made by Phillippi. Andreas Suggested I contact Calira (now part of Truma Electronic Systems. Herman Unglert on service@calira.de responded, not as quickly as Andreas but still very helpful. Unfortunately they did not do the B39 panels either but he mentioned that it was “Social Work”.

            I ordered a replacement through Bavaria and I gleaned from the packaging that it cam from “Erthal-SozialWerk” which is an organisation which provides employment for the “differently abled” and those with “learning difficulties”. Their spares are only available through Clipper and the panels have a code “ESW—” where — is a number, in the case of the B39 it is 256.

            Clipper are still no quicker at sourcing spares

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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