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      I have a Bavaria Holiday 35 built in 1998 and due to financial reasons I prefer to spend my time on board at anchor rather than in a marina. At present I have a 2 battery system which consists of a 85 amp hour battery dedicated for engine starting and windlass operation, but the engine is kept running when the windlass is in use. Then I have a 130 amp hour battery to fun everything else, but most lighting uses LED bulbs. To charge the batteries I obviously have a 60 amp hour alternator and solar panel, with the latter dedicated to recharging the engine battery and any surplus goes into the 130 amp hour battery. I also have a Rutland 913 wind turbine dedicated to charging the 130 amp hour battery. I used to have another 140 amp hour battery but this has to be removed because it was leaking sulphur into the boat. Unfortunately unless it is quite breezy it does not take long for the fridge to drain the 130 amp hour battery whilst I am at anchor, so can anybody offer advise to cure the flat battery problem?



      Fit a 120w semi-flexible solar panel with a Victron MPPT comtroller. That will generate enough on a summers day to cover the fridge’s needs and some.

      About £120 for the panel, and £80 for the controller.


    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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