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      No luck on my steering query πŸ™ so let’s try batteries. My 34 has a 140 amp battery for services. It is 490×190 long with the battery posts at the same end. Having trouble locating one. Have tried Marine Super Store in Port Solent and Aladdins Cave at Bursledon. Neither go that big. I have found one from a caravan site !! but surely it can’t be that difficult as this looks a standard fit. Any ideas? Thanks Steve.



        What is the make? It sounds like the Bosch ones I have on Playtime.

        You could look up the makers (Bosch?) on the internet or give Opal a ring. They can usually source them quickly – they fitted the second service battery to Playtime more or less the next day!

        Good hunting



          Hi Roger, yes it is a Bosch but all the searches I have tried seem to get me power tools πŸ˜• .

          I’ll try Opal but I imagine they charge ‘top dollar’. As I said, I have managed to track down one from Bury !!!! but the postage is Β£25 ….. seems silly when I live in sight of The Solent πŸ™„ .

          Thanks for your help.



            Umm – I see the problem. I’ve just tried Bosch/Batteries/Leisure etc. on Google and got everything but Bosch 140AH batteries!

            Try Opal and see what they charge.

            An alternative is to go to Barden at Segensworth (just west of Fareham)


            and discuss your requirement (or try by phone/email first). They are the local battery experts and might be able to offer a compatible alternative.




              The standard batteries fitted to my boat are

              BOSCH 12V 140AH 760A(EN)
              640 036 076
              0 180 664010

              I added additional batteries which I was told were equivalent, they are

              Exide W627TE
              12V, 140AH, 760 CCA


                Hi John. How do you know that???? Didn’t go down specially for me did you πŸ˜€ ?

                Am now sorted thanks. Found at Sandy Point Motors …just Β£89.95 plus VAT (Β£105.69).




                  Sorry – but no! I found the details in my note book from when I added 2 more batteries before xmas. I am hoping 580Ah will keep the kids happy when at overnight anchor next season πŸ˜€


                    Opal buy their batteries from Sandy Point service station on Hayling Island, who always keep stock. I am collecting one myself next Saturday. If you give them a ring, they couldn`t be more helpful. Sorry, havent got the No. to hand, but it is easy to get off the net.

                    Graham Margetts


                      Hi Graham and thanks. Picked mine up from them last Saturday πŸ˜€

                      My God …. it’s heavy. Won’t be sailing this year due to hernia πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

                      Rgds Steve

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