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      Being fairly new to Bavaria ownership, I would like to know if anyone has thought about fitting a mainsheet traveller to a Bav 30/ Is this possible and would benefits be noticable? Any thoughts welcomed!


        I was wondering the same thing myself. Indeed as well as the traveller option, I was wondering about doing a sort-of double main sheet with each side controlled separately. Then tightening up on the windward sheet would enable the boom to be centre-lined without hooking the leach.


          Paul, thanks for the reply. The ‘double main-sheet’ option sounds reasonable, but I will admit to not being experienced enough to know what exact impact this would have on the boats sailing characteristics, so, am now going to canvas ideas from my more experienced peers! If I can progress this any further, I’ll post again so you can see the outcomes!


            Chris, Paul,

            Charles from Juniper spent some time at the Southampton boat show looking into buying a traveller for his B30, I don’t know how far he got but you could try emailing him via cruising@bavariaowners.co.uk.

            Hope it helps,


              Paul (Hunros!), thanks for your reply,I’ll e-mail Charles and see what he’s found!!

              Thanks again


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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