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      As a confirmed anchorite, I’m not happy with the standard (I guess) Lewmar Delta 10 kg / 22lb anchor on my new-to-me Bav 30
      As a replacement, I was thinking about Rocna 15, but heard they swung a lot when dropping / weighing and threaten to damage the gelcoat.

      I’ve seen a good report about the Plastimo Kobra 2 14? Would that fit better on the bow roller?

      Does anyone have any experience with decent anchors that fit on the foredeck of the Bav 30? Any advice gratefully received.


        No replies yet! But actually I’m quite pleased – it implies that the Delta 22 lb is suitable for the job. On Delta’s charts, it looks as thought the Bav 30 fits OK in this category (evrn though it fails to meet the old rule of “a pound a foot”!)


          I’ve got a B32 and upsized the anchor because I like to know that when it is “down and in” that I can sleep or at least rely on it in an emergency – I went for a 16KG Delta (I know… “belt and braces”!) but it certainly holds well!!

          As for fitting on the roller – it fits nicely, problem is if you want to use a bowsprit / gennekar pole as the flukes obsturct the path.

          Flying my again oversized asymetric from a tack line does mean that you have to be careful not to snag it on the anchor but the power is worth it!

          Rocna do look good, and I guess depends on when and how much you are going to anchor….. you pay your money, you take your choice?


            Thanks, CaSam, – do you know, upgrading to a bigger Delta never occurred to me? I don’t think your 16 kg is too OTT – we had a 12kg Bruce on a Seamaster Sailer 19 footer! But I think the Delta 14 would do it for my Bav 30.


              @Freebird wrote:

              But I think the Delta 14 would do it for my Bav 30.

              Makes good sense.


                Hmm! Well it would if they made a 14! Looks like it’ll be the 16 for me too!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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