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      I need to buy a cradle for a 2000 Bav 31. After craning out my marina uses a trolley to moves boats to the hard stand. The boat needs to be in a cradle for the journey and then sits in it whilst out of the water.

      Tennamast have suggested a 6 support Super A or 6 support Craft T. Another option would be the fixed base folding leg in 4 support form.

      Most of the cradles I have seen in the marina have 4 legs but many boats are less than 30 feet. The Bav 31 is just under 33′. I know there is a practical restriction on cradle length because of the make of trolley used. It looks as if the 4 leg option would suit the trolley but I have a small concern on the number of legs and whether this would provide the support required.

      Any thoughts, advice or experience to share ?


        Hi Electra

        I don’t think the number of legs is too important (provided there are at least 4!). It is the overall strength that matters.

        Playtime is 38′ and well over 8 tons and has only ever been placed in a 4 leg cradle over 10 years.

        My advice would be to talk to the cradle manufacturers and see what they recommend; then try eBay to get one second hand.

        Good luck




          I also asked Tennamast and they have confirmed the 4 leg option would be fine for the boat and also for the marina trolley – local knowledge is everything. Further to your suggestion I looked on eBay only to find all of the cradles available come from a wee company in Ayrshire – Tennamast !

          As Electra’s bottom now needs a good scrub, I think I need to place my order for a new four legged cradle, and just bite the bullet.

          Thanks for the advice and prompt reply.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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