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      Having just bought a bav 32 this summer, one of the jobs I want to do is fit an Autohelm.
      Problem is which one?
      The entry level wheeldrive , X5 version is the obvious and lowest priced, but all the pictures I see of installations have the motor unit mounted on a metal pedistal.
      Not sure if the will be space to fit this between the wheel and the fibreglass “box” which the Bavarias use.

      I don’t fancy the idea of having to cut a hole on the Fibreglass, mainly for the potential of water leaking into the aft cabin.

      Anyone fitted one of these? Or if not possible what did you use.

      Bill Bower , Seven Star



        Another fantasy (B32) was selling an Auto Pilot which I am guessing had been replaced by an up-grade. It maybe worth sending Ian a private message (PM) for further information regarding make, model, etc.

        Congratulations on your new boat, whereabouts are you moored?



          Thanks, I think I had seen that for sale. I’ll contact them as you suggest.

          Boat is moored at Fairlie, Firth of Clyde.


          Bill Bower


            Have you managed to meet up with the other Bavaria owners in and around Largs and Troon?

            This post from Trumble Too makes some introductions if you haven’t. Introductions


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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