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      I recently bought my Bavaria 32 and it came with a shore power lead but the shore end had a 3 pin domestic plug. For the short term I bought an adaptor which has been OK having weather proofed it with an Asda carrier bag and gaffer tape!!! Obviously not a great long term solution so I bought a new shore power lead. The strange thing is, the old lead works fine, even though the socket sleeves are partly corroded and hold water in rainy weather, but the new one doesn’t deliver any power. I have even borrowed one that I know is fully functional and that doesn’t deliver power either. I had noticed that the cover flap on the boat end of the new lead didn’t open past 90Deg, so I modified it so that it opened further to allow the plug to seat deeper onto the pins. Still no success. Does anyone know if there are different sizes for the transom socket / plug fitting. Help


        If your 32 is the same as mine was it should have a socket on the rear transom with a flappy lid that fails regularly. The socket looks like this one I found on the web. I seem to remember there was a double pole switch in the lazerete before the main circuit breakers in the saloon, you will need to check this switch is on as it is a breaker too. If the other lead works on other boats then it is your set up. The plug does need to be pushed in quite firmly and the plug lid engages in the top of the transom socket. The little blue tab releases it on removal.

        Hope this helps.



          If there is a double pole circuit breaker as the first breaker inside the boat from the transom socket to the mains panel you might want to check it. There will be 2 breakers, one in the live and one in the neutral. If the neutral one trips but not the live then the whole circuit will be live which may be a problem. If possible ensure that the two breakers are mechanically connected to each other so that if one trips then both are tripped.


            I have just had another thought. You may want to clean the pins on the lead and the socket My 32 needed this doing every few years or the power would trip out at the breaker in the lazerete.

            It goes without saying you don’t do this with the lead plugged in 😯 😯

            Some 800 grit paper rolled up does the trick. As Goodeau says its the breaker/double pole switch is easy to find in the locker/lazerete. You may want to turn it on and off a couple of times as they some times they do not fully engage when you push them up.

            Let us know how you get on.



              Hi Folks, sorry for delay in reply. Partly due to forgetting my login!

              I solved the problem becleaning the boat side socket pins and more importantly reducing the inside diameter of the female connectors on the boat end plug by “tweaking” with a small screwdriver.

              As a bonus, I now have a spare hook up or alternatively a really long extension lead.

              Kind regards and thanks for the advice.

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