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      Just had a major over heat of the MD 2030D in my 37…
      The aluminium heat exchange/ exaust maifold failed, resulting in the coolant disappear out the exhaust and the exhaust gases re entering the engine, blowing head gasket, over heating and seize and generally making a real mess of the engine, all happen very quickly, only motored a short way down the Hamble.
      Not surprisingly not really economic to repair a 10 year old engine, so replacing the whole engine/saildrive.
      Volvo dealers have never seen the heat exchange housing fail like this and they suspect it might be due to sea water back up in the exhaust manifold whist sailing. Anyone else had any problems with this?
      Anyone want a second hand sail drive ??!!


        We have got corrosion problems on the inlet pipe to the MD2030 heat exchanger casing. Our yacht is also 2002!

        The tubular pipe that the front hose clamps to has corroded away. It looks as though it has corroded through from the inside and may have done this because the previous owner did not change the antifreeze? or contamination through the stupid rubber boots that hold the core of the heat exchanger? However, it is only the tube which screws into the casing that has corroded. The casing itself seems okay so is it a poor batch of material that the tubes are made from? I have tried to obtain new screw-in tubes but the volvo dealers say you have to buy the whole heat exchanger casing at £500ish

        Because the failure of these tubes can lead to complete failure of the engine I would suggest that everyone with a Volvo 2030 engine should have a close look at where the two large hoses attach to the heat exchanger (one at the front just above the alternator and the other underneath) and if you can see moisture/ white corrosion get them checked.

        I always thought that Volvo was a reputable maker of engines until I bought this boat. I don’t think an engine should give this sort of trouble after only 9 years.


          I have now installed the new engine, a D1-30 with a 130 S saildrive, just got to finish the wiring to the control panel and Tacho.
          All went fairly smoothly, and fits on the bed for the 2030d with out any modiifcations.
          If anyone wants any more detials let me know

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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