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      Our Bav 34 , Wish,has been dry in the bilges for the three years that we have had her,……..but
      having just had a raw water pump’s bolts shear and pour water into the boat I had the dubious pleasure of drying the bilges etc.
      The electric bilge pump is under the saloon table and it’s drawers.Having taken up all the floor panels I discovered that odds and sods (including a dishcloth,a spatula and a plastic bag ) had fallen over the back of the drawers and obstructed the pump.
      Had we really needed it ,we could have been in trouble
      A thin panel is now going under the bottom drawer
      Clive Reece


        Can you elaborate on the raw water bolts shearing?


          The standard bolts holding the face plate on the pump are made of brass and mine were obviously overtightened.
          We were due for an autumn lift out and bottom scrub so the engine was running a bit hard.
          Two of the bolts that sheared were adjacent to each other so the seal failed and pumped sea water into the engine bay.
          The engine was ok because it was stilled being cooled ok but a lot of lovely cooling sea water was not going over the side!
          I replaced the screws with stainless ones with a bit of loctite and all is ok.


            Thanks for the info, I thought you might have been refering to the mounting bolts


              We replaced the face plate on the water pump of our Bav 34 with a Speedseal kit which I used on my previous boats and found to be a major safety improvement.
              The kit consists of a thicker cover plate with a rubber ‘O’ ring seal instead of the paper gasket. it is held on by 4 steel screws with large knurled heads so it can be removed by hand. the plate swings down out of the way on one of the screws as the others are in slots. This allows for a quick change of the impeller regardless of the working conditions. If you have ever had to change an impeller in a rough sea in the middle of the night you will get the picture.
              I hope you have used a soft locktite as the original screws are a bit delicate and easily damaged on removal.
              I don’t have any connection with Speedseal, I JUST KNOW IT IS A SIMPLE AND VERY PRACTICAL UPGRADE that I wouldn’t be without.
              Another little problem I have found with the electric bilge pump on the bav 34 is the position of the switch on the panel is next to the shower sump pump. We managed to burn out the bilge pump when someone switched it on instead of the shower pump and it ran so quietly we didn’t notice until it started to smell rather hot. The diagrams on the panel ensure this is an easy mistake to make.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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