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      We have a 2001 Bav 34 with the upgrade 29 horse engine and she feels a bit under propped.
      Anyone know if the same prop is used on the 19 and 29 horse engine?


        Probably, but my advice would be to spend the money upgrading to a “folder”…. win / win – improved sailing too!


          WE have a Bav 34 with the 19 HP engine which we launched in 2002. The prop is a 2 blade 14×11 and we have just had to order a new one. I noticed hairline cracks in the paint at the base of each blade where it attaches to the boss. On closer examination after removal of the paint and application of some penetrating dye we have come to the conclusion that these are fatigue cracks in the aluminium. A folding prop would be nice but as we don’t race and the replacement is only £260 and the original has done 12 years we are keeping with the original fixed two blade. We still passage plan at 5 knots but always seem to manage to achieve our destinations averaging 6 knots, but we do cheat a little using the iron lady when the wind drops light and we are not in the mood to launch the Cruising Shute.
          I had folding props on my previous two racing boats, A Super Seal and an Impala OOD and they both took a lot of maintenance, with wear on the pivot pin holes and the teeth. They were also not much good in stopping the boat when reverse gear was engaged. Plenty of anticipation was required.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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