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      Just bought a Bavaria 29 Sport 2004 model completed early 2005. I love the boat but I must say though I was not expecting BMB to produce such a poor user manual. It’s barely legible and seems to lack any real detail. For instance it does not list the explanation of the symbols/icons on the helmsman’s switch panel and the location of the battery charger remains a mystery! On my boat (twin KAD 32s) the Quick SBC charger does not appear to be where the electrical diagram indicates (in the engine compartment port side.)

      Could other Bavaria 29 Sport/DC owners shed any light on the location of the battery charge and explain to me the symbols on the switch panel please.



        Did you mange to sort this?
        If not, I can probably help as I have several of the Bavaria manuals that may shed light on your problem.
        I have a 2005 Sport 35HT and can make much the same comment about the manual and the location of various components!


          Hi Jenny II,
          Sorry for the tardy response.

          No I did not get anywhere. Emailed BMB (twice) and was completely ignored! My boat (whilst in excellent condition) has spent several years of its life ashore and unloved, so this last season was its first in the water for a while. Naturally there have been a few niggles due to underuse, most of which I’ve been able to sort out using “engineer’s experience”, but there remains a small number of really frustrating things I need to sort out. First the Quick windlass worked briefly for the surveyor and then the solenoid just clicked when I needed to use it (typical!). Then I found the Quick battery charger did not work and did not appear to be connected to the domestic battery anyway. So as an electrical engineer (not marine) the lack of a circuit diagram is both very irritating and slowing down my fault finding. Lastly and perhaps most concerning is that the engine bilge seems to collect a lot of fresh water. There are no obvious tell tail signs of water ingress in the engine compartment and the canopy covers are brand new and there are no signs of any rain water getting there either!

          Any advice or info based on your experience/manuals would be gratefully received. Regards.


            No problem.

            I have tried BMB a couple of times and on both occasions they sent me incorrect information referring to a completely different model. Very trying!

            The Quick winch is not particularly accessible. On my boat (a Sport 35HT) you have to remove the panelling in the fore cabin to gain access. I will be doing this next month to fit a remote control to it – a lot safer that trying to operate it from the helm position.

            My boat is fitted with two battery chargers. The Quick Unit feeds the engine batteries, a second, Mobitronic unit feeds the domestic batteries.
            I have tried to upload my manual and wiring diagram to this reply without success – e-mail me at naweedon@btinternet.com and I’ll forward it to you.

            With regard to your fresh water leak, does your boat have a calorifier? Mine does and the pressure release valve does release a drip feed of water. This accumulates in the bilge at a point away from the bilge pump (of course) and so I have to sponge it out occasionally. This may be the source of your water problem. I will get around to extending the drain pipe attached to the valve in order to feed it closer to the pump sometime…..


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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