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      Had my Bav 30 for 3 years but never worked out how economical the engine is (fuelwise). Never been far enough solely under engine.

      It is a 2006 model with the Volvo 2020.

      I have some very long trips planned for this year and am considering a couple of jerry cans in case we are under engine for longer than we would want.

      Anyone help?


      Put this on the Bav 30 section but thought I’d better put it here in case it gets missed!


        I do not know if this will help…
        I have a Volvo D1-20 in my B32 Cruiser and I have just topped up after a week away and the first “top up of the year”.
        16 Engine hours has used 24 litres of diesel…. so approx 1.5 Litres an hour.
        Do not get me wrong though, I do not push it and normally only use the engine into / out of moorings and into the wind when Faith has had enough of the slog!
        I tend to cruise at 5-6 kts with 2000 – 2400 rpm showing.



          Thanks for that Steve.

          I guess mine is somewhat similar, perhaps I should have taken more notice of engine hours when I pop onto a fuel bay which I tend to do whenever convenient just to keep the tank topped up.
          In my own defence I haven’t bothered mainly due to the fact that I use my Webasto heater regularly which throws any calculations out.


            I know what you mean… it feels like my webasto uses virtually as much as the engine! (probably just because it has been cold lately)


              @CaSam wrote:

              I know what you mean… it feels like my webasto uses virtually as much as the engine! (probably just because it has been cold lately)

              It’s about 60:40 I reckon, at least that’s what the taxman believes!


                I calculate on 2 litres per hour in my Bav 33 with a D1-30 and it is never far out.


                  My Bavaria34, Saloma has a Volvo D2020 engine with the original 2 blade prop. We have had the boat from new, christmas 2001 and cruise extensively. We run the engine at 2400/2600 RPM and find that fuel consumption works out at 1.5 lts/hour.

                  This figure has been so consistant that we use it to calculate how much fuel it is likely to take to fill the tank.The fuel gauge is simply not accurate enough to indicate when the tank is full and we try to avoid any spillage. Engine hours run since tank last filled multiplied by 1.5 has always proved an accurate number to within a litre of what has been required to refill the tank.

                  We have a tank capacity of 90 ltr and carry 2x 10 ltr cans = 110 ltr. We work out our range as 110 divided by 1.5 multiplied by 5 knots = 366 Nautical miles. With sailing this always seems sufficient to cover a minimum cruise distance of 700 plus.


                    Hi, i have a Bav 30 2007, so same yacht, with the same 2 bladed prop i assume. Mine has the 1.85draft iron keel, so all these being the same then at 1200rpm im using just over ltr per hr,at 1800rpm its about 1.2ltr per hr 5knts cruise.

                    hopes this helps

                    the hull is Anti-fouled with soft anti-foul and press-washed off twice a year.

                    rgds Ray

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