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      Hi, I have a Bavaria 30 (2006) I was sailing the other days for a shake down sail and I lost all propulsion. A marine engineer has had a look and said the cable has snapped but it was the gear stick selector that was damaged that caused the snapping of the cable and the new cable cannot be reattached to the gear change mechanism because that is damaged. The boat is in Norway and the engineer can only source parts that are too big and has suggested that i find the original part and supply him with it. I am based in the UK but don’t know what the part number or name is and thought you guys would be a good starting point.

      The gear stick itself seems fine, I believe it is the internal part that sits within the console.

      Can anyone help?


        Is it the gear selector at the engine end or the remote lever end that is broken? If it is the engine end, you need to tell us what engine you have. If it is at the lever end, I believe that the standard levers are made by Teleflex and you can get them online, but you obviously need to know which model it is.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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