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      Hello everyone. This is my first post after buying my 2000 Bavaria 31 at the end of last year.

      During the start-of-season recommisioning, I was a bit over-zealous with my tightening of the nut on one of the cable glands beside the mast, and it broke at one of the threaded parts. I have been trying to source a replacement of the same size and type unsuccessfully for a while now. Do any other owners know where I can get one? I could just replace the whole gland, including the deck fitting, with a different type, but would prefer not to.

      I have contacted Bavaria and Peters Opal. They can supply me with the same type of deck gland, but not the same size. The one they can supply has the same thread size, but the body is smaller and will not accommodate the 2 dual-core cables which went through the old one.

      I have seen similar looking cable glands in the RS Catalogue and on the RS website, under “405-88 17/23, Metal Round Top Cable Gland, M12, M16, M20”. These are sold in batches of 5. Does anyone know if these are the correct part, and which size my cable gland would be?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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