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      How much rotation should there be on the gooseneck? Mine has about a 15 degree rotation of the boom as the horizontal pin fitting on the gooseneck is loosly fitted, and has been since new. I’m not sure this is right.
      Advice please!


        My B34 is also 2001. The original gooseneck fitting is aluminium and prone to a lot of wear. Check the hole the pin goes through for elongation. I found out when mine parted. You can get a replacement SS one from your local riggers surprisingly cheaply.


          Hi there

          I also have a B34 2001 year and I found a lot of movment on the boom I removed it and found a lot of wear on the gooseneck. I got a new from atlanticspars at the cost of 30:19 GBP.



            Is it a difficult job to do yourself, or is it a professional rigger’s job? Do you need specialist tools?


              The worn plate is a conecting link between the fitting on the boom and the fitting on the mast. If yours was the same as mine ( Feb 2001)it was aluminium. This is now superseeded with stainless. At both ends it fits over a clevis pin which is retained by a split pin. The split pin was tight and difficult to get out, but this was due to the weight of the boom ( and sail ) sitting on it. You should be able to do it yourself, I did, but it will help if someone helps lift the boom for you. I think I supported it with the spinnaker halyard if I remember correctly. In my case the plate was very worn at the mast end and I did not spot it until it snapped. Luckily in light winds ( we had sailed in a gale the day previously). I got my replcement from Martin Leeming in Port Solent and I think it was only about £12 or £15. It would have proved a lot more expensive if it had parted in strong winds and ripped the sail. I would recommend all owners with an aluminium fitting to check theirs regardless.

              Regards Graham


                I eventually did this, along with a rigger, and it wasn’t difficult or expensive. The replacement was stainless steel, as the suppliers (Selden) have realised the Aluminium is too prone to wear. The one which came off was badly worn. There is still a little play on the boom, but much reduced from what it was.

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