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      Hi Coudl anyone point me in the right direction

      I need parts for the 2 burner + oven which is the original which was fitted when the boat was made in 2000.I cannot find any information on the unit at all.Could anyone let me know the make ,so i can try to locate spares.

      I have not refiited the salis on the boat and i am unsure how to do it.
      The boat is fitted with Incarbona dacron slab reefed main sail with seldon spars.

      My only experience is rigging my mirror and enterprise Dinghies ,and I have looked through the paperwork for the boat ,but there is no guidance.Does anyone have any instructions that the could e mail me please?


        The cooker is probably a Techimpex. Gas check Marine operates from a van in the Hamble area, he has spares and is very helpfull. The shop is closed and web site down, however you can probably contact him on 02380453633.




          Techimpex parts are sold by Marine Megastores. telno -0878732404 but took ages.

          But beware there is a European model and a UK model which do not have the same burners. I think the large burner is part number Q038230 and the small one is Q038231. Thermocouple is AQU 2038127.

          Bainbridge International ( Down south somewhere) import the parts but will not sell them to you direct.

          Taking the thing apart and putting it together was very fiddly. Be careful of gas leaks!


            Yes, spares are difficult to get and even more difficult to fit as the burners corrode on. Best to chuck the cooker away and buy a decent one. The Plastimo burner and oven model that I have just fitted will go virtually straight in, just a spacer to add to the gimbal pivots. You will also find the whole gas installation will not meet current standards. It is metric and the fittings are mild steel so they corrode on. David will replace the whole lot for you, as will any registered fitter – you can get a list from Calor Gas in Southampton.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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