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      Hi there, Does anyone know much about handicaps??
      We have had Ginny, our 2001 B34 ( shoal keel folding 3 prop) for about 5 years now. We keep her at Whitehaven in Cumbria and have sailed the Irish Sea and Solway Firth quite extensively with visits to Bangor N.Ireland and The Clyde, Arran and Bute, interspersed with cruises around the Isle of Man and our regular jaunts across to Kirkudbright. It’s a great part of the British Isles for sailing and of course scenery, being surrounded by The Lake District.

      Over the last couple of seasons we have been racing her round the cans under a handicap of 965 but after winning the Club Championship last year find that we now have a lower ( ie faster) handicap of 912 which is even lower than a Sigma 33 which is racing off 921. Hope this doesn’t sound like sour grapes but that is some difference!The figures have been pulled from The Clyde lists apparently with reference to Byron but I ‘m struggling to come to terms with the ratings…. we are lower than a Feeling 39 for goodness sake … the committee say it’s right but does anyone race a Bav 34 under a different handicap? I’d love to hear what handicaps are used ‘down south’…. I know several Bav34’s do the Round The island Race and feel sure some of you must also do cans racing at your local clubs. I think I might end up having to contact The Clyde Sailing Club myself for a rating but would like more information before I do anything, so if you can help please spare a minute….. Cheers… Mike


        Is there really nobody in the BOA that races a B34?


          It sounds like your club are using the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system, probably adapted to suit the local conditions and yachts that enter the series.
          This link (http://www.rya.org.uk/SiteCollectionDocuments/technical/…/Cruiser%202011.xls) will hopefully take you to the RYA cruiser list of PY ratings.
          There is not a rating for a 34 but the 36 is rated at 965 and the 30 at 989 so your 912 does sound a bit mean. The yacht club are allowed to alter the PY for each yacht as they see fit but the RYA figures may give you some justification to up yours a bit.


            Also meant to add that the ratings given for the RTI race whether they be an official RORC handicap or the ISC handicap are different to the PY rating so cannot be compared. EG my ISC rating is 1021 for the RTI but the PY is 965.


              Thanks for your interest and help Sundance…I was beginning to wonder if there was anybody out there !! We’re going to have a go in the race this week-end and see how we do! The club have used the Clyde Sailing Club’s Ratings this year…. some committee members noticed that they would benefit from allowances for bow thrusters (the Feeling 39) and smaller than standard forsails etc. so we intend to get our own Clyde rating making sure the boat’s spec’s are correctly submitted. Once again thanks for your reply!


                Reading your post reminded me of my days racing when I used to do well. My club used the PY system which they adjusted to add a penalty to whoever won. At first this encouraged the boats that did not do so well ,but eventually my handicap was such a burden, that my Super Seal SALUJA, with her full set of Mc William laminate sails, could be beaten by a similar sized Westerly bilge keel cruising boat who had stopped for a cup of tea on the way round. It sounds as if handicap racing has not progressed very far. I sold the Super Seal and bought an Impala 28 OOD so I could race in a one design class. What a difference. Racing was never better.
                Thats probably why I have never bothered to race my B34, except when another cruising boat comes close enough for me to start sail twitching as my wife calls it.
                I hope you get your handicap sorted and if not stop doing so well for a while.


                  😆 Mmmm think you’re spot on ……….. been thinking a lot about the issue and do believe my background of National 12 racing makes me a tad more competitive minded also! You’ve summed up the situation just about the same as I’ve come around to and well, we’ll just give it a go on Saturday and see if we can enjoy it all the same. If not we’ll get off round the Isle of Man the following week-end …going through the Calf is a superb focussing moment, and blows me away every time!

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